This is a short update on my reaction to the equity markets climbing significantly in the recent weeks. I have lowered the amount we invest per month into the following:

Maybank Kim Eng Monthly Investment Plan – S$700 OCBC Blue Chip Investment Plan – S$600 POSB Invest Saver – S$300 StashAway – S$600 Smartly – S$300

It adds up to S$2,500 now and used to be about S$4,500. While I practise Dollar-Cost Averaging (DCA) – no market timing, I also apply Value Averaging (VA) – some market timing. I can always increase the amount we invest per month when I see the equity markets dropping significantly.

But I don’t plan to make such adjustments on a regular basis. Only when I can see the upward or downward trend forming. In any case, the other reason why I’m doing this is to start building up my cash position more aggressively for