Back in 2017 when DBS Multiplier 2.0 was launched, Heartland Boy and Heartland Girl each opened a DBS Multiplier Account online. They even went one step further by opening a POSB eEveryday Savings Account at the bank branch. A joint bank savings account with POSB allows each of their DBS Multiplier accounts to aggregate both their salaries that have been credited into the joint account as eligible transactions. Heartland Boy’s plan to optimize their DBS Multiplier accounts has allowed the Heartland Couple to enjoy high interest rates on their savings with relative ease. Indeed, the journey has been nothing short of enriching (pun intended) thus far and Heartland Boy can tell you that it is only going to get a whole lot better. From 1 May 2019, DBS Multiplier will take on a new lease of life again. In yet another positive change, DBS Multiplier has upped its game