Planning to purchase a resale flat with your CPF?

Effective today, the rules on CPF usage and HDB housing loans will be updated with a focus on ensuring that a flat’s remaining lease can cover the youngest buyer until the age of 95.

To, you know, ensure that people like you and I don’t outlive our property lease and end up homeless.

Source: knowyourmeme

On the flip side, it seems like it will be harder to sell off properties with shorter leases remaining. And it’s debatable if this will be an effective way to prevent Singaporeans from buying houses with shorter leases.

Also, I’m pretty sure that the kopitiam and taxi uncles are already complaining that this will somehow affect their CPF withdrawal at 55… #justsaying

TL;DR: Updates To CPF Usage And HDB Loan

I know. I know.

CPF and HDB-related stuff can be dry AF.