As of 30th April 2019
Since Inception (Including Dividends)
Total Portfolio Unrealized Gain/ Loss: $45,584.08
Total Portfolio Realized Gain/ Loss: $69,978.90
XIRR: 6.52%

Portfolio returns (realized and unrealized) reached an all-time high in April overtaking the high in last January 2018. Sadly, unrealized gains are fleeting and the market has since fallen due to the fear of trade war between US and China. 

US has already increased the tariffs on over $200 billions worth of China imports but the market did not fell as much as I have expected. In fact, the SSE was up 3% on Friday after the implementation of tariffs. The market is not even near the low last December so I have not made any transactions yet. I will wait for the retaliation measures from China before deciding whether to enter the market or not.

Beside news on the trade war, the news that Best World was  suspended