Knowing that I’m a big fan of boba milk, the editor came up to me last week and went, “Eh bro, do you know about Milk Bro, bro?”

I was like, “Milk brobro?”

“Yeah… Milk Bro, bro.”

Me, quizzically, “What is milk brobro?”

“No… Milk Bro, bro…”


Long story short, I found out that Milk Bro is a stall at the Geylang Serai Bazaar which serves flaming boba milk with cream mousse and brown sugar. While my editor got a huge slap in the arm for being the biggest retard in the world. *eye roll*

Later that evening, we decided to check out the bazaar to see if the hipster grub (like the White Rabbit candy drink) is worth making the trip to Geylang Serai for.

Geylang Serai will be held from 3 May to 5 June 2019, and if you need help to get to Geylang