The second podcast of the Interview with Ku Swee Yong series will try to find answers for the big question “What can we buy in this market?”.

In this video, Mr Ku will share his thoughts on the 4 queries we have in mind on the current property market:

1) When there is oversupply in the private residential market, what about the office market?

2) In 1st Quarter 2019, office prices are up but rentals are down. What is happening in this market?

3) What about retail real estate?

4) If I have to buy something, what should I buy from the residential market?

You can now watch the podcast below. The video comes with full script or subtitles. If you are watching from your mobile, ensure that the “Caption” function is on. If you are on your desktop, turn on the “cc” button – the leftmost button at the