The only train operator (which often breaks down), SMRT – Delisted.
The 3-in-1 coffee brand we buay hiam (aren’t fussy) about, Super –
The massage chair company with Andy Lau’s face on its ads, OSIM –
The telco that made Circles.Life possible, M1 –

Investors in recent years have seen a slew of stock counters being delisted from the Singapore Exchange (SGX)… some of them at very unsatisfactory exit offer prices.

You can see the delisting trend pretty clearly as I plot out the number of SGX-Listed companies from mid-2016 to now, below:

Source: SGX Market Data

You might even have been a shareholder who got slapped in the face with a delisting offer that you think wasn’t fair (considering the company’s growth prospects and financial position)…

…but was forced to sell because management managed to buy back 90% of the shares from public investors.

I was in that exact