I put myself in the shoes of an middle age to older person. I can doing some part time job to keep busy and to earn a little income. I want to have passive income every month. I do not like to monitor the market as I find that stressful and I might end up making wrong desisions. I want a low risk portfolio. Perhaps, at most once or twice a year, I take a look at the absolute values of the portfolio. And importantly, I do NOT want to outlive my portfolio and I would like to see the the overall dividends go up with time.


here it is

Singtel 500 shares   $1560
SPH 400 shares   $944
Netlink NLT 1200 shares   $1008
DBS 100 shares $2630
SGX 200 shares  $1480
Singpost 1000 shares  $960
ST Eng 300 shares  $1185
Mapletree Industrial Trust (MIT) 800 shares   $1656

Dividend (figures represent sum in dollars)

Jan    Sintel 34
Feb   DBS 30 SGX 15