If you’ve been camping your whole life, looking for a high yield instrument to invest… Well, this could be it.


Well, investment products are kind of like eye candies – they only appear awesome in the eye of the beholder.

Source: giphy About The Astrea V Bond

While the details for Astrea V bonds are still being confirmed, we understand that Fitch Ratings (one of the Big Three credit rating agencies) have upgraded the ratings that were given to Astrea III and Astrea IV.

If you have been following this closely, you’ll know that these two bonds are both private-equity (PE) bonds and are both Temasek-linked PE products.

Source: giphy So What’s The Big Deal About Astrea V?

Here’s how much we know about Astrea V at the moment – given that not much is not revealed yet:

Astrea V is a Temasek-linked private equity (PE) vehicle