50% price difference, that is.

I’ve always been a Gongcha person for my pearl milk tea indulgence. If you haven’t noticed (read my bio) I would say I am quite a fan of bubble tea.

And if I really feel like having some of that brown sugar goodness, I would visit R&B for my fix.

I’m sorry I digressed a little. This is NOT the point of my article.




Back to KOI.

I chanced upon KOI’s first Signature outlet when I was checking out the newly opened Jewel Changi Airport.

And did you know that by adding the word ‘Signature’ to their 招牌 (Chinese for ‘signboard’), they are charging at least 30% more than at their regular KOI Express outlets?

Disclaimer: This article is not sponsored. I was just really intrigued by how adding words like ‘Floral’ to a drink name could increase the price by 51%