While the public housing system in Singapore has helped many families achieve the goal of homeownership, prices have continued to rise over the years. Even if you’re very frugal, it can be fun to daydream about some of the islands most expensive apartments. In this article, we examined the most expensive HDB flats on the market by neighbourhood.

Most Expensive HDB Flat Listings Across Singapore

After analysing data from PropertyGuru’s website, we found that the most expensive flats in 10 neighbourhoods exceed S$1 million. In particular, large (often multi-generational) and recently renovated flats are listed at the highest prices. HDB shophouses are also typically more expensive than other homes; however, we did not include them in our analysis.

The Most Expensive Homes by Neighbourhood

Clearly, even the prices of the most expensive homes can vary significantly based on location. For those wondering what else these homes have