Dear all,

Since many of you are wildly ignorant (some willfully, some unintentionally) about crypto, I’ll do a Q&A in the comments section for any SERIOUS questions that you might have.

I say “serious” because I know half of you dicks that just want to troll the “crazy crypto blogger”.

That said, I’m willing to answer simple questions, or re-direct you to a better answer.

Libra Website
Libra Whitepaper

Top questions:

Q1. Should I buy Libra?
A1: I do not give financial advice.
My private buy/sell signal group is open for 1 BTC / month, no refunds. email for details. kek.
(This is an IQ test by the way. If you send me BTC, I’m keeping it, for real)

Q2: Does this mean Bitcoin is dead?
A2: No.

Q3: Does this mean Ethereum is dead?
A3: No.

Q4: Does this mean (insert other crypto coin) is dead?
A4: Very likely.

Q5: Is Libra a threat to fiat currencies? (SGD, USD, EUR, etc)
A5: Extremely high threat.

Q6: Will Libra