How To Manage Risk Effectively In Trading

Knowing how to manage your risks as a trader is one of the most under-rated but important aspects of trading.

That’s why the theme for our upcoming gathering is on How To Manage Risk Effectively In Trading.

In this session, the top traders will be sharing on the assessment to current markets’ risk, introduction of a market timing indicator, doing proper risk analysis and how to use stop-loss effectively.

This time round, we will also have a special guest speaker, Alvin Li, who is a derivatives expert from Hong Kong.

Here’s what to expect:
✔ Assessing Risk in trading – protecting your returns with a simple and effective stop-loss technique
✔ How to approach Volatility and Risk in current markets – using a new market timing indicator
✔ How to capitalise on Risk using derivatives
✔ Panel Discussion on personal trading Risk management and position sizing

Date: Tuesday, 25