With the rise of social media, picking a travel location based on “FOMO” has become somewhat of a phenomenon. Like a word-of-mouth travel recommendation on steroids, social media-influenced travel has become one of the top travel trends in the past few years. So how much would it cost to visit some of the most FOMO-inspiring destinations? Below, we estimate the cost of a vacation to the top 5 Instagrammed locations in the world.

1. London, England

With over 110,000,000 hashtags, London takes the number one spot for most Instagrammable destination. London has plenty of picturesque scenes, ranging from the iconic Big Ben to the world-renowned Tate Modern to the perfectly pink Gallery brasserie in the Sketch Gallery. You don’t even have to pay to photograph many iconic London sights. For instance, by simply exploring the city you can get great shots of Greenwich Park