What if Grab suddenly suspends your account without an explanation? What do you do?

That is what happened to one of our community members who wrote in to share the dangers of topping up your GrabPay account in excess.

TL;DR: What Happens If Your Grab Account Is Suspended? Order Chain of Events of His Bad Grab Experience 1 He was not informed of his account suspension
Only an error message in the Grab App stating “server error” when he attempted to log in.
Account suspension was not communicated to him 2 No reason provided for account suspension
Without the reason, he was unable to appeal for recourse or understand his situation better 3 No response from Grab for recourse
Multiple attempts to contact Grab but was told that the decision was final and Grab has no authorisation to overwrite it 4 GrabPay wallet and rewards/vouchers remaining balance
Realises that he still has money in his