Listed in 2001, TIME dotCom Berhad is a Malaysian-based fixed line telecommunications provider that delivers both domestic and global connectivity, data centre and managed services to its customers across ASEAN.

The company also offers fibre home broadband services. Compared with copper networks, fibre networks transmit more bits of data per second, offer significantly better signal durability, are more resistant to fire or other interferences.

In late 2018, TIME launched a fibre broadband plan offering speeds of 1 gigabit per second (Gbps), the fastest in Malaysia, as well as providing the most competitively priced home broadband services in the country:

Home Broadband Plans Malaysia 30Mbps 100Mbps 300Mbps 500Mbps 800Mbps 1 Gbps TIME – RM99 – RM139 – RM199 TM RM79 RM129 RM199 – – – Maxis RM89 RM129 RM149 RM219 RM299 – Astro RM89 RM129 – – – –

Source: iMoney, vendor websites

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