Before reading this article, it may help to know that most ‘seasoned’ investors still do make these rookie mistakes. These mistakes are simple but lethal to your portfolio. It may seem innocuous at first glance, but they steal your returns and expose you to huge risks.

What exactly are these pitfalls that make them so petrifying? They mostly revolve around having a poor attitude by being ill-prepared. Now, we will introduce to you the following 3 common mistakes investors make in the financial markets!

Returns, returns and more returns!

Virtually almost every non-value investor is a culprit of this and unsurprisingly so. When we first step into the financial market, our eyes are drawn by the allure of how wildly stock prices tick, imagining how it would be like if our wealth ticks up with it.

We invest because we want to win the market and profit. Naturally, we will be