Stock Allocation

Change Log

Accepted FRASERS CENTREPOINT TR NRO with excess Bought ASTREAVB290620

After a month of falling in May, STI staged a strong rebound in June. Instead of selling in May and go away, I did my accumulation in May, and so far the results have been very positive. As the market is on the high side, I did not add any new purchases in June and just applied for FCT preferential offering and Astrea V as planned. 

For FCT, I was allocated 1000 shares in excess excluding entitlement and rounding shares. The allocation was satisfactory although I applied for more than that. As for Astrea V, I applied the maximum amount of $49,000 to be in the guaranteed allocation bracket and was allocated $7,000. This is much more than what I had anticipated given the high demand. With the new allocation plan, 50% of the