This is a strange idea…
Most of us like discounts. Especially for things that we use.
Like if we buy 2 chicken for the price of 1. That’s a good deal right?
We can eat one chicken today and eat another chicken tomorrow.

But… is this always true?

​When I was fixing my laptop

I was offered this deal.
1 TB Hard disk + repair = $120

500 GB + repair = $110
Just for $10 more, I could get 500GB more of storage space in my laptop…
But yet I chose to only spend $110… Cos… even though there is more value, I would not use it.
It’s not like the chicken where I can eat it tomorrow. Basically, even IF I bought a bigger hard disk, I would still not utilize the additional space.

Recently, in Paris, I got myself a mobile line, so I can be contacted if I go out and use data IF I go out. Even