Some how the balloting results of Prime US REIT (analysis here) gives me the eerie feeling of the IPO of HPH Trust.

Here are the balloting results released yesterday night:

Basically if you have applied for any amount that is 99,900 units and below, you get what you applied for.

There is one person who applied from between 500,00 to 999,900 units. He got 325,000 units. There is another person who applied above 1 million units, and he got 625,700 units.

They were initially only catering 16 mil units for the public offer with the rest for placement but in the end allocated 41 mil units for this.

I always have an idea within my portfolio how big a stock or a financial asset will make up my portfolio. If it is too big, how I would reflect upon it and what are the decisions that I would take on