So on Thursday, my colleague mentioned during lunch that Shopback GO is having this promotion of 100% cashback.

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Having used Shopback for my travels like booking of accommodations, I knew that it was pretty legit.

So she told me that you just have to link your credit card to your profile and spend on products in Guardian with no minimum spending and you will 100% cashback capped at $10.

So if you are able to spend within $10 or $10 then its as good as free!

Guardian is also great as everyone needs something from there, toothpaste, facial masks, sanitary pads, sweets, chocolate (all within the $10 budget). 

Also, I actually am pretty afraid of putting my credit cards into too many apps so actually you can remove your credit card after inputting it in, which I think is great.

Cos there are some apps that prevent from removing your credit card except to be able to switch it.

Also, if it’s your first time linking your UOB credit card, then update your withdrawal details and also to earn $10 cashback, you will get a link bonus of $3.

The promotion is till 21 July 2019 so hurry, get some stuff from Guardian!