Heartland Boy is always on the lookout for reducing the cost of his meals without compromising on the quality of the food. He has successfully done this through Eatigo, Shopback Go and the HSBC Entertainer App. He struck gold again recently when he was introduced to MealPal during a promotional event. In the month of June, Heartland Boy was enjoying restaurant-quality lunches that only cost $3.99 per meal. Yup, you read it right and there is no typo mistake. Indeed, MealPal allowed him to have cheap lunch meals in the CBD and much more! Here is Heartland Boy’s review of MealPal and how you can also save on your meals expenses with MealPal.

How MealPal Works

MealPal originates from the US and is the brainchild of ClassPass co-founder, Mary Biggins. In Singapore, it offers both affordable lunch and dinner subscription plans in a 30-day cycle. MealPal members can reserve