News of residential fires caused by personal mobility devices (PMDs) have been making rounds lately, with the latest accidents being reported in Bukit Batok and Ang Mo Kio. Indeed, e-scooters have taken Singapore by storm, both in its transformational impact on the country’s transportation industry and the subsequent changes in human behaviors that haven’t all been positive. But, do PMDs really present such a big risk for homeowners as these news reports make them out to be? We’ve reviewed the statistics to find out.

How Common Are Fires Caused by PMDs? There Are Bigger Risks We Often Forget

In 2018, there were 74 cases of reported fire incidents that were caused by PMDs, up 51% from 49 cases in 2017. While this may sound like a big jump year over year, PMD fires represented only 3.1% of all residential fires that occured in 2018. In fact, fires caused by unattended