Okay this is my first full month in Paris.
Expense has risen mainly cos we have been taking trips out of central Paris to go see some sights.

Food expense has dropped. €57.80
Basically, we ate out a lot less and bought less groceries.

Toiletries is at €19.79. 
Which is no real difference from our first month. Basically, topping up our shampoo and washing liquids.

Transport €27.05.
Transport expense is pretty tricky to determine, cos it’s like a top-up card. So I topped up my card to use my UOB credit card to clock more of my S$500 spend. But in essence, I didn’t really travel more than last month. Actually, I travelled less.

Misc expense is at ZERO.
That’s good. Cos last month we had some gas inspection and that was pretty expensive.

I got my first bill for home internet. €44.49
The monthly payment is €14.99, the excess is set up cost.

The charge for my own mobile line is