Seems like it has been a while since last reviewed my asset allocations. Not that I do not like. I always have the curiosity on how they goes and prefer to check on them more often than not as I am a slow learner. Usually I will do a quick round of updates across my accounts and have them reflected. Thanks to excel, this is all done in minutes.
In this update, the computation is a lot more simple on a more conservative side of perspective angle. Saving allocation has been reduced to 10% but I think it can be further improve.

Liquid Cash Flows from Investments
Equity/Bond/Pref theoretical annual dividends : $48K
Gov Securities : 4.5K ( assume max 10 years )
Saving/FD : $2.5K

Investment Sub-Total : $55K

Maximizing Returns
Saving 10% allocation implied missing at least 10K for possible earning. So I think maybe opportunity to tap more here in the