If you didn’t know, I’m a bit of a nerd. Yup a real shocker. During my undergraduate days, especially in my final years, I would get excited about going to class and doing my tutorials. So you can imagine my excitement now that I’m embarking on my Masters next week! To think 10 years has passed since my freshmen orientation camp… god I feel so old.

Yesterday was orientation day so here’s a quick recap, some excited rambling and discussions on the implications on this blog.

Orientation Registration

The Postgraduate Orientation programme was crammed into a single day with breakfast, lunch and dinner all fully catered for. Breakfast started at 8.15 am, so naturally I was late ? Registration was quick and everyone got a bunch of free stuff in the goodie bag.

Smoo Smoo Swag

As I applied for this Masters alone, I did not know any of