Of the multitude of things we examine into concerning our personal finance, investments, medical costs and such, FUNERAL is certainly not something that I would have gone around to actively find out.

But when the need comes, there is little time to think, nor are we likely to be in the optimal state of mind to weigh options carefully. There is an emotional factor at play. So I guess we would tend to just go with the flow?

So just how much does it cost? For sure, it varies over a wide range, from the basic to the exorbitant grandeur. The type of religious practice, size of family, number of days – these are all variables that will size up the cost of the entire package.

To offer a gauge, here’s one sample based on the following parameters:

Religion: Buddhist
Size of Family (mourning): 15-20 pax (i.e. children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, etc)
Number of Days: 5