I got a comment by “temperament” on my last post.

I think it’s a worthy question which deserves a post on it’s own.
Cos I have a number of friends who are struggling with mental issues, or have overcome it.

I’ve never really had much mental issues. I think also due to my attitude in life.
For me, I feel the problem and answer is very simple.

Many people have desires, wants, aspirations, feelings, loneliness, security, recognition, etc etc.
It’s part of life.
People strive hard to attain these, but when they go unfulfilled, people get stressed and it builds up into mental issues.

A lot of times, people look outward to settle these issues. But many times, the answer is inward.
It’s easy for me to say, cos… mentally I’m programmed in a certain way.
But I really feel that the answer to these issues lie within ourselves. The problem is understanding it and recognizing it and managing it.