Total – S$12,350.24
Massive month of expenditure. Total amounted to S$12,350.24, which made up more than 25% of my annual budget. Let’s do a quick recap of the constituent expenditure.

The largest category was no doubt “Europe Trip”, coming up to S$5,645.39. My partner and I have decided to head to Europe for about 14 weeks come end September, and this represented most of the front-loading for fixed expenditure in Europe, such as car rental, air tickets, and most of the accommodation during that period.

This will certainly be an exciting trip for us, and I must say that we have seen much value in pricing for long term accommodation in Europe. We’ll be staying in one of the PIGS countries, and our monthly rental through AirBnb works out to be c. S$1,900 or so for some sweet and spacious digs that come with a decent view.

The second largest