In those days; it was option trading for “passive” income for early retirement or retirement income. The famous and most popular school of option trading kena sued and now the “Guru” is changed man! Lesson learnt or crash got sound! LOL!

Another one tio reprimanded by MAS and also disappeared. 

A blogging world friend also started option trading but quietly switched gear to teach investing as trading is harder!

You can’t be wrong with option trading as most options will expire worthless. Collecting premiums is passive income. Right?

Hmm .. in those days. FIRE is not invented yet!

Recent years; new movement for FIRE or early retirement or retirement income; it is dividend income from S-REITs.

Capital not enough to generate your desired level of income stream. 

Don’t worry. Just leverage up with your margin account!

Nothing to scare!

Margin calls are manageable. There ways to make it safe! Won’t