Rainbowcoin 1 September 2019 at 12:02:00 GMT+8

Hi Uncle8888,

Could you combine all the ‘risks’ into one post or give a common, less generic label? Hehe

Fun to read them. :)

You often hear this – Investing in Stock Market is risky.

In fact, investment of any kind including setting up your own business by nature is risky, and can potentially cause you lose some or all your investing or initial capital.

Actually as a paid employee you also face similar risks of losing your job when you approach 40s or 50s. It is a well known fact that HR department update this list of employees in these age groups during annual budget exercise.

So what are the possible Stock Market Risks and how can we as retail investors mitigate these risks?

1. Price Volatility Risk 

Need to learn how to time your Entry and Exit points

Buy in batches by Average In