I don’t know about you, but big numbers scare me, even though I may be writing articles on personal finance.

And every so often, I’ll wonder if I can ever hit the Full or Enhanced Retirement Sum for CPF Life payouts when I retire in the future.

Of course, it’s been emphasised so many times that we shouldn’t rely only on CPF Life payouts, but it’d be nice to have a substantial amount of passive income!

Source: giphy TL;DR – How Much Do I Need To Earn To Hit Full Retirement Sum?

Before I started writing this article, I always felt like I will never be able to reach the Full Retirement Sum.

Assuming you’re 25 years old (fresh grad just starting work) in 2019, we’ve projected how much the Retirement Sums will be when you’re 55 years old (based on the current increments year-on-year so far).

Retirement Sum