It’s really great to hear from the post-55ers on their interesting ideas and experience in maximising retirement benefits.  Here’s one from ‘Adam’ that cropped up in a previous conversation which I found especially interesting … (re-posted with edits):

OA: Ordinary Account
SA: Special Account
RA: Retirement Account
FRS: Full Retirement Sum
ERS: Enhanced Retirement Sum

How do you protect your SA money from being taken to form the RA upon reaching 55 years old?

As it stands now, money in the SA earns 4% pa of interest. Likewise money in the RA also earns 4% per annum of interest. For those 55 years old and above, CPF also gives 6% per annum to the first $30,000 in your RA, and 5% per annum to the second $30,000 in your RA, while the rest of the money in your RA earns 4%.

So for example, I have $176,000 in my RA, the interest my RA money would earn