This is slightly old news as the email (15th Aug 2019) and re-optimization (28th Aug 2019) has already happened but thought I will still blog about it.
We were pretty busy (Quick Update – Too Busy to Blog) during that period of time and I read through and proceeded with the re-optimization without taking any screenshots :( Anyway, I will not reinvent the wheel and you can read more in details on the new ETFs and re-optimization here:
We’ve Added New Asset Classes and Geographies to Your Investments
We’re Re-Optimising Your Portfolios For New Economic Conditions

There is one thing I would like to point out is the highest risk profile for the balanced portfolio is now 22% if you did not realize. I also took the chance to change the risk profile for my SRS portfolio to 36% from 13% while CZM SRS portfolio became 14% from 13%.