Story #1

In a small Austrian town in the Alps, a mother and father had been out on a walk in the woods with their 3 year old daughter. The parents somehow lost sight of the girl for a moment, and that was all it took. 

She fell into an icy fishpond. 

The parents frantically jumped in after her. But she was lost beneath the surface for thirty minutes before they finally found her on the pond bottom. They pulled her to the surface and got her onto the shore. 

Following instructions from an emergency response team reached on their cell phone, the parents began cardiopulmonary resuscitation. Rescue personnel arrived eight minutes later and took the first recordings of the girl’s condition.

She was unresponsive.

She had no blood pressure.

No pulse.

No sign of breathing.

Her body temperature was just 66 degrees fahrenheit (18.89 degrees celsius). Her pupils were