At the risk of sounding like a complete loser, SkillsFuture credits are one of my favourite things in the world. And this isn’t even a sponsored post.

Never mind the benefits of ‘lifelong learning’, a term so liberally used that it’s lost its flavour – much like ‘wanderlust’ (ugh).

When I first used my credits to enrol in a Graphic Communication course at NAFA last year, I’d signed up with the intention of mastering Adobe Illustrator.

Happy dance

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But here’s the unsurprising catch: going for a SkillsFuture course won’t automatically make you a pro, as I quickly learnt.

With that said, this guide covers all your burning questions about SkillsFuture, including its myriad of programmes beyond SkillsFuture credits.

What Is SkillsFuture?

Essentially, SkillsFuture helps