“Wa shit la.” , “Walao what is this Donald Trump trying to do this time?!” , “Huh?! More tariffs? They crazy ah?!”, “Siao liao what do i do?”.

These were intuitive words and thoughts that i have found myself evoking often the past few months, and i’m certain i’m not the only one who has reacted this way. Ever since May this year, our markets have been performing badly.

With so many macro and global factors like Brexit, the Trade War, increasing natural disasters, the increased likelihood of Germany going into recession, and “market indicators” signalling a downturn/recession is near, it is no wonder everyone is apprehensive, taking a defensive stance, and waiting to act.

Even though i have been overwhelmingly busy with my university life as well as my summer activities in campus, i am constantly worrying about my portfolio. To catch you up quickly, within the past 3