As at the time of writing, the delisting offer is still undergoing. The purpose of this writing is not meant as inducement for anyone to invest. It is an educational piece. All investing comes with risks.

San Teh requested for a trading halt on 3rd Sep 2019.

Two days later they announced that the Kao family who controls San Teh, intends to make an offer of $0.28 to the rest of the shareholders and privatise the Company.

How do you know if this is a fair price?

The easiest way is to determine the book value of the company (not all companies can be valued this way though). At almost $0.50 book value per share, a $0.28 Offer sounds like a steal for the Kao family.

You may complain it is unfair. But if you deliberate on this matter, you will realise it is precisely because the shares have to