Portfolio Returns As of 30th August 2019

Since Inception (Including Dividends)

Total Portfolio Unrealized Gain/ Loss: $$51,076.69

Total Portfolio Realized Gain/ Loss: $$95,668.09 

XIRR: 7.52% Portfolio Value Portfolio Value (excluding Cash and SSBs)

The trade war tension has eased and the Hong Kong protest is seeing less violence this week. Instead of gathering near police station and challenging the police, people are gathering at shopping malls singing the ‘Glory to Hong Kong’ song which went viral. It has became an anthem for the movement. 

No bad news is good news for the market. STI has also recovered back above 3200 levels which means no chance of entering the market in the near term for me. The gains in August are largely due to incoming dividends as unrealized gain remain almost flat. Let’s see if Lendlease will lodge the prospectus next week.