I got the email a few days ago about the StashAway SG Income Portfolio that people have been writing about online. While we are big supporters of StashAway as a Singapore robo-advisor choice, this SG Income Portfolio does not appeal to us at this stage. However, it might be more suitable for other people so you never know.

These are the reasons why we are not considering the StashAway SG Income Portfolio. The minimum account balance is S$10,000 and this can be quite a lot to invest with from the beginning at one time. Especially when the equity markets have started climbing again recently after the dip. Meaning the entry prices of the ETFs might be rather high.

The StashAway SG Income Portfolio allocation is about 54% in Bond ETFs, 35% in REIT ETFs and 10% in Equity ETF. I reckon it’s too heavily weighted in Bond ETFs, which is