Average interest per annual for 1-year and 10-year period Other Issues of SSBs Compared to Oct 2019  Issue
Oct 2019 Issue
Application Closes: 9.00pm, 25 Sep 2019
Details on this month SSB can be found on SGS website.

The interest rates continue to slide and the 10-year interest has fallen to a low of 1.75%. This is one of the lowest rate since the introduction of Singapore Saving Bonds. The interest rate is at the same low back in Sep 2016. The Fed has since cut the interest by another 25 basis points and it would be expected that the next month interest rate to fall to another record low below 1.75%. 

With the SSBs providing such low interest, it only make sense to direct cash into other asset classes with higher yield. For me, I am putting my cash into the stock market. There are 2 events this