Our exclusive event, Trading For Alpha: Active Traders’ Rally was a full house last Saturday at SGX Auditorium!

We had the line up of active traders: Dan Chang, Jonathan Tan, Alvin Li and Ong Bee Heng.

First, we had Dan Chang presenting on How To Effectively Find Alpha By Reading Market Depth.Key takeaway: Market Depth is indeed useful to identify potential areas of support and resistance, but should also be used with other indicators like volume!

Second, we had Jonathan Tan to show the audience How Active Traders Think and Trade.Key takeaway: Traders should be able to identify the ‘hammer’ or ‘shooting star’ formation to increase their chances of having good trades.

Next, we had Alvin Li, our special guest from Hong Kong on How To Hedge Your Positions By Using Derivatives!Key takeaway: Daily Leverage Certificates are best used when in a strong trending market, because of the compounding effect