TheBearProwl is going short on SembMarine Corp. TheBoringInvestor has also previously given his take on whether Keppel Corp will buy over SembMarine Corp.

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Following up from the short initiation on Sembcorp Marine (SMM:SP) on 15 Jul 2019 at $1.42 with an intrinsic value of $0.70, we now explain the rationale in greater detail. SMM is currently trading at $1.18 which represents a Price to Book ratio of 1.07.

Investment Thesis #1 – Business underperformance

In 1H19, SMM recorded $1.5b of revenue as compared to $2.8b in 1H18. This was due to a significantly lower revenue from the Rigs & Floaters and offshore platform segments. The Company also recorded higher finance costs due to increased borrowings that was secured in 4Q18.

#2 – Low