3rd quarter SREITs result announcement soon will be started with SPH REIT, you could refer SREITs Result Date page to track all SREITs result annoucement date. For this post ,I would like to do 1 more round of SREITs comparison for Retail+Office Hybrid sector, up to 2nd quarter result.
Pug Owl Hybrid There are 6 SREITs below that get income from both retail and office sectors.
1) Mapletree Commercial Trust (Majority Office; Retail 46%)
2) Mapletree North Asia Commercial Trust (Majority Retail; Office 40%)
3) Suntec REIT (Majority Office; Retail 29%)
4) Capitaland Commercial Trust  (Majority Office; Retail 14%)
5) OUE Commercial Trust (Majority Office; Retail 13%, before merger)
6) Starhill Global REIT (Majority Retail; Office 12%)

I will only compare the first 3 REITs as their minor sector contribute more than 25%.

Items Unit MCT MNACT Suntec Lease Profile Portfolio Occupancy % 98.35 98.9 98.67 Income Received in SGD % 100 0