Recently, we attended Stashaway’s event regarding their Investment Framework and their new Income Portfolio, which aims to deliver returns ranging from 3.75% to 4.4% per annum. We’re here today to offer an objective view on why these Robo-Advisors can offer an appropriate balance between risk and reward, and explain the differences as compared to your traditional investing accounts.

To some, traditional investing can be inconvenient, expensive and not personalized to your needs. It could sometimes be troublesome to source and to do your research for every investment before putting your money down. However, with new technological advancements in the twenty-first century, comes the rise of robo-advisors. With them, the term ‘investing’ becomes less confusing, and the technology behind it makes it more convenient to track where every penny of your investments goes. Apart from StashAway, there are many robo-advisors in the Singapore market right now, including AutoWealth and Smartly. Our