This part 2 post is especially written for you if you are 40 and above this year and wondering if and how will CareShield Life impact you. If you are turning 30-40 next year, do check out my previous article about CareShield Life.

Some of my clients in their 40s ask me “What is this CareShield Life about? Do I need to do anything if I already have ElderShield?”

What is CareShield Life?

CareShield Life is a national healthcare scheme to help Singaporeans and PRs cope with the cost of long-term disability care.

How different is CareShield Life from ElderShield?

Basically, CareShield Life is an enhanced version of the current ElderShield scheme to provide better coverage.

(Don’t know what is ElderShield about? Find out more about ElderShield here).

Benefit wise, CareShield Life has 3 key enhancements over ElderShield 1. Lifetime Cash Payouts

CareShield Life offers lifetime cash payouts which