Hello World!

I know. It’s been a while.

I mentioned that I would take a 6 month break from blogging, but to be honest, it could easily have been for an indefinite period. That’s how burnt out/bored I was. With both personal finance/investments and writing.

But here I am, writing something after a 9 month hibernation. I guess having an extended break helps. The adage is true. Separation does really help to make the heart grow fonder.

What I Have Been Up To

Most people have no idea how much time blogging/writing sucks up. So, not blogging for essentially one year freed up a lot of time.

As much as I wanted to tell you how I managed to read, cook, exercise and slept more, the truth is…… the needle barely moved. 

Sure, I still go to the gym about twice a week (to maintain my weight and size of