In the current market climate with negative yieldsthe US-trade war, Hong Kong protests, Venezuela’s collapseLatvia’s banking crisis, Argentina’s government defaults, and even Michael’s Bury claims of a growing ETF bubble…it is no wonder that many investors are panicking. But the crisis could also point to ripe investment opportunities to buy cheap, as mentioned by the experts during CoAsset’s Summit of Alternative Retail Investments (SOAR). According to legendary investment expert and author Jim Rogers, he believes the next global financial crisis is coming, and it will be the biggest in his lifetime.

I had the opportunity to be on the same panel as Jim Rogers, and here are my biggest takeaways:

1. Bullish on China, bearish on US stocks
It is no secret that Jim Rogers is extremely bullish on China. President Xi’s One Belt One Road project is the most significant of our era, and any investor who can find