We all know that one person (y’know, apart from your mum/grandma) who’s obsessed with supermarket deals; specifically, NTUC FairPrice deals.

Sure, we’ve got Sheng Siong and Giant Singapore – even online supermarkets like RedMart – but there’s something intimate about getting up-close with your favourite household brands, and sashaying off to checkout knowing you scored a better deal than most shoppers.

Here’s What The Price Of Kiasu-ness Looks Like

To lay out the playing field in the fairest possible way, I painstakingly combed Mustafa Centre, Ocean Cosmetics and Swanston – in 2.5 hours flat! – for household essentials, from toothpaste and mouthwash to facial foam and floor cleaners.

Which One Wins The Game of ‘Cheapest Household Essentials’?

This comparison chart will satisfy your inner-aunty.* If you’d rather jump straight to reading ’bout each of the stores (and where they’re located), scroll right on down.

*Please write me if it doesn’t.

Mustafa Centre