I finally managed to convince my husband to switch his mobile plan, but was too lazy to redo my research among all the new plans and telcos in the market. Luckily for Seedly’s latest SIM-only comparison tool, which saved me hours of manually computing the data otherwise.

For the past 2 years, my husband has been paying a ridiculous sum of $100+ each month to Starhub.

Well, not anymore.

When I first suggested the switch, I compared against the different options in the market for a SIM-only plan. At that time, it was easy because there were only a handful of providers – folks like redONE, Grid Mobile, VIVIFI and TPG Mobile didn’t exist then. Fast forward to today where several new virtual telcos have entered the market, putting the grand total at 13 operators as we speak.

Comparing against 5 plans is hard enough, so imagine having to compare among